A Style for Everyone

Luxury Spa Robes offers a wide variety of styles to choose from. Our line of spa robes is diverse and inclusive, offering options for anyone who wants to add a touch of extravagance to their daily life. So, what are your choices? Here’s a look at our collection of bath robe styles.
Terry Cloth Robes

Our terry cloth robes are fantastic for drying off after a shower, soak, steam, swim or sauna sesh. These bath robes are available in various colors, so you can choose which one fits your personality best. Our terry cloth bath robes come in a few different styles, some are full length and others come to mid-calf, making them a great option for people of all heights. Made with 2 layers of high quality, absorbent and moisture wicking fabric, our Classic Terry, Essential Terry and Resort Terry bath robes are all unisex, medium weight and timeless. They contain either deep front pockets or spacious side pockets, an inner breast pocket, double belt loops and a thick belt for extra comfortable wear.

Waffle Robes

Our waffle robes come in a few different styles, all in white only. Our Resort Waffle Robe features 2 layers or fabric: an absorbent cotton terry interior and a cotton diamond jacquard waffle exterior. With a shawl collar and tailored fit, this robe gives you that classy & refined touch. Our Soft & Elegant Waffle Robe offers a single layer of soft and stretchy, knit cotton poly blend, with a weightless drape and elegance you will love. Our Cotton Modal Waffle Spa Robe is 100% natural fabric, supremely soft, and cut with a longer hem and sleeves, wonderful for taller people. Choose your style and keep yourself cozy while you immerse yourself in one of our delightful waffle bath robes.

Plush Robes

Looking for that extra buttery soft resort feel? Look no further than our plush spa bath robes. These are the most heavenly robes to keep you warm, snuggly, and on cloud 9. With a lush, velvety lining and silky microfiber shell, our Deluxe Plush Spa bath robe will be the icing on top of your relaxation routine. Our Supreme Plush Fleece Robe is the fluffiest, with 2 layers of high pile minx like microplush fleece, just like a cozy hug. Despite the sophisticated look, these robes can be machine washed in cold water and will dry quickly. Plush bath robes are mildew-resistant and long-lasting for infinite comfort and style.

Kimono Robes

While heavier robes are lovely for calming down and keeping warm, we know some people prefer a lighter bath robe that makes it easy to go about their daily routine. If you’re looking for a shorter and roomier robe to wander about in, our Kimono bath robes are a great option for you! Light and airy, our Deluxe Kimono Spa Robe contains wide sleeves, deep front pockets, and knee-length coverage.

Hooded Robes

Luxury Spa Robes is dedicated to providing an excellent source of comfort for everyone. Our hooded robes make relaxation easy for anyone looking to fully cover up. With a micro plush interior and brushed, silky microfiber exterior, you’ve never felt more cared for. These bath robes boast deep front pockets as well as an inner breast pocket and cuffed sleeves. These robes are machine washable and promise a quick dry. Relax on the couch or go about your business in total comfort.

Spa Wraps

Are you more of a cover-up kind of spa goer? No worries, our spa wraps will take good care of you. Avoid the bulk of a robe with one of our simple, yet elegant, options. Made using terry cloth and microfiber, these wraps will absorb any dampness lingering on your body after your shower, while keeping you covered and cool. With three different color options, you can find the perfect bath robe substitute for you. These wraps have 2 size options: one-size-fits-most and 2XL, both with an adjustable fit.