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Collection / Lightweight Robes
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Soft & Elegant Waffle Spa Robe - White
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Soft & Elegant Waffle Spa Robe - Stone
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Cotton Modal Waffle Spa Robe - White
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Essential Terry Cloth Spa Robe - White
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Essential Terry Cloth Spa Robe - Stone
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Terry Cloth Spa Wrap - White
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Terry Cloth Spa Wrap - Eucalyptus
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Terry Cloth Spa Wrap - Stone

Indulge in a Lightweight Robe

Looking for that easy-breezy feeling? While heavyweight robes can be great for cold winter nights by the fire or snuggling up after a shower, sometimes you just want to unwind and breathe. When you’re in the mood to relax, but don’t want to wear anything too heavy, a lightweight robe can be the choice for you. Our lightweight spa robes and wraps are perfect for covering up after a shower, staying cool while getting ready, or relaxing comfortably with a morning cup of iced coffee in the summertime. Each of these indulgent robes will still pamper you with soothing comfort, but without the bulk or weight.

The Lightweight Robe That Brings the Spa to You

Nothing is more nurturing than a spa day: a promise of relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal. What could be better than bringing the experience of a five-star resort into the comfort of your own home? Our soft and airy lightweight robes and wraps were created to elevate your spa-inspired lifestyle by adding a simple touch of incomparable comfort. These breathable garments cuddle you while also keeping you cool. You deserve the best care possible, and we want you to be able to tap into a bit of bliss every day by slipping into a spa-inspired robe or wrap that soothes the senses. 

The Essential Terry Cloth Lightweight Robe

This full-length yet lightweight robe is sleek and simple. Designed with a lightweight, absorbent terry cloth interior, a smooth, doeskin microfiber shell, and easy-to-roll sleeves, it’ll give you years of comfort. This unisex robe is quick-drying and perfect for relaxing when you step out of the shower, bath, or hot tub.

The Soft & Elegant Waffle Lightweight Robe

Some like their robes to hug them tightly. Others prefer a lightweight, stretchy feel with space to breathe. Our Soft & Elegant Waffle Robe gives you the breathing room you need, with the comfort you desire. Featuring a single layer of slightly stretchy, cotton blend, knit waffle fabric, and ¾ sleeves, this robe soothes without overwhelming or feeling too heavy. You’ll love lounging in it after a summer swim at the pool, a surf, or simply a long day of work.

Cotton Modal Waffle Lightweight Robe

This soft and drapey robe is cotton, natural and breathable. Experience the glorious feel of cloud 9 when you slip into this sleek, elegant robe. With double belt loops and front deep pockets, you’ll enjoy a comfy fit and pockets with a convenient place to keep your essentials (like a phone or some really good chocolate).

The Spa Wrap

Perhaps you’d prefer a completely different style. If a robe is more fabric than you would like, we have something even airier than a lightweight robe! Enter the spa wrap: perfect for covering up while you cool down after a hot bath or steam session. Our spa wraps snap easily around your bust, draping over your body. These adjustable wraps are great for getting ready without breaking a sweat and leave room for your entire body to breathe.

Bring the spa home.