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Get to know us.
Very Cozy. Well - Crafted.
Quite Sophisticated.
You deserve to
treat yourself
more than
every once
in a while.
That’s why Luxury Spa Robes is dedicated to improving your well-being and lifestyle by delivering deluxe, spa-quality robes and accessories that are well-designed, sophisticated, and incredibly comfortable. The products we sell are also found in luxury resorts and hotels all over the world, including various locations of the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Brown Palace, and others. In fact, that’s one of the best things about Luxury Spa Robes: you can enjoy spa-grade robe in the comfort of your own home!
Kelly Shroads
Our Values
Our owner, Kelly Shroads,
founded Luxury Spa Robes in 2007.
She built the company on four essential values:
These values set the tone for everything we do.
Your body needs to relax and refuel, to be at it's best. When you prioritize relaxation, you are taking steps toward relieving stress and increasing your overall well-being. Taking time to care for yourself is vital to a healthy mind and body. Whether you are reading a book, relaxing under a face mask, or just resting, your Luxury Spa Robe will be there to comfort you.
In addition, you, your friends, and your loved ones deserve to feel nurtured and cared for. Focusing on self-care and nurturing the people you love is a win-win. Sometimes all you need is a hug to feel nurtured, seen, heart and loved. A Luxury Spa Robe—with its perfect weight and fit—can provide the softest, coziest full-body hug you can imagine.
We believe everyone deserves to feel healthy, comfortable and enjoy the simple luxuries in life. Our passion for inclusivity makes us one of the only spa robe brands that provides a full size range from XS to 5XL for the majority of our styles. We also have short styles and tall styles so all body types can enjoy a Luxury Spa Robe.
At Luxury Spa Robes, we believe in the power of generosity to enhance everyone's well-being and happiness. Whether it's for friends and family, company gifts, client gifts or charitable gifts, robes are a unique and valuable way to encourage rest and rejuvenation. Every robe has the option for a reusable organza gift bag—ready for giving.
Why we do this…
Our ultimate goal is to bring the luxury of spa experiences into your home (or the home of someone you care about) by delivering the best men's and women's spa robes you can find, so that you can truly unwind from day-to-day stress, focus on self-care and feel comfortable, healthy and beautiful.
An Experience to
The experience makes shopping a breeze.
Our website offers a simple shopping experience that makes it easy to choose the perfect robe. We offer free shipping, quick delivery, personalization, and excellent customer service, ensuring your satisfaction from start to finish.
Female Owned.
Another thing to love about Luxury Spa Robes?
Each purchase supports a small, female-owned and family operated company.
We care about your care.

We believe in doing business with integrity and spirit. Customer care is at the very top of our list, so we are always open to any feedback you may have about Luxury Spa Robes!

Thank you so much for letting us enhance your self-care routine.

More Info?
For more information about our products, check our FAQ Page.
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For wholesale inquiries, please contact us directly at
Self-care isn't a luxury - it's essential.
We're here to make it easy for you.