Robes for Every Experience

What aspect of a bath robe is most important to you? Do you prefer absorbent robes, or are you more focused on feeling super soft and cozy? Are you looking for something lightweight to keep cool in or travel with? We have something for everyone.
Absorbent Bath Robes

In addition to being classy and comfortable, the primary function of our absorbent bath robes is to dry off and wrap up after a bath, shower, steam, sauna, swim, surf, hot tub soak or massage. This type of bath robe absorbs water like a towel. Our wide variety of terry cloth bath robes, like the Classic Terry Cloth Spa Robe, Essential Terry Cloth Spa Robe or Resort Waffle & Terry Cloth Spa Robe have high absorbency and medium weight, so they work for any season or reason. For a medium absorbency, lightweight feel, and versatile uses, go for our Soft & Elegant Waffle Robe or Cotton Modal Waffle Robe.

Soft & Cozy Bath Robes

The primary function of our soft & cozy bathrobes is to soothe the skin with silky softness. These robes are great options for those who have sensitive skin, prefer getting extra cozy, or people in need of a nurturing feel for healing & recovery. This collection of bath robes will keep you extra warm and cozy during colder seasons, outside or in the evening. Our entire collection of Plush Spa Robes are ideal for classy coziness, with their buttery soft feel and classic design, including the Deluxe Plush Spa Robe, the Hooded Plush Spa Robe and the Kimono Plush Spa Robe. Our Supreme Fleece Plush Spa Robe is the perfect choice if you’re craving an extra fluffy snuggly feel. Plush robes are not absorbent because it’s so silky, so you’d want to towel off before putting it on.

Lightweight Bath Robes

The primary function of a lightweight bath robe is to wrap up and still keep cool during warmer months or climates. Our Soft & Elegant Waffle Spa Robe and our Cotton Modal Waffle Spa Robe are both made with a natural cotton blend of fabrics for the sake of breathability. Another lightweight option is our Terry Cloth Spa Wrap, which dries you up and covers you up while getting ready, without too much fabric. None of these bathrobes are too bulky or so they pack and travel well. Bon Voyage!