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Absorbent Robes

The Perfect Absorbent Bathrobe

The best way to relax after a long day is a soak in the tub or a steaming hot shower. Top it off by wrapping up in an absorbent bathrobe to complete your de-stressing experience. Also perfect for just out of a hot tub, after a swim, surf, or a detoxifying steam, wrapping yourself in a soft & absorbent, luxurious spa robe will support your lifestyle in total comfort. 

Why choose an absorbent bathrobe?

Absorbent bathrobes have a lot of benefits to enhance your self-care routine. One of the easiest ways to relax is a hot bath or shower. While the bath itself is soothing, getting out and drying off can pull you out of that zen vibe you just experienced. Why let the relaxation end after a bath? Instead of towel-drying, step into a spa robe!

Step out of the bath, and into your soft, absorbent bathrobe. Let your skin soak in the hydration of your bath. It’s no secret that some towels can be harsh on the skin, and replacing that rough feeling with a soft and absorbent bathrobe is a gift to yourself.

We have several robes for you to choose from, as well as various levels of absorption. If you are looking to dry off faster, a highly absorbent bathrobe is for you. For those who wish to bask in the post-bath hydration, a medium absorbency robe is a better fit.

Highly Absorbent Bathrobe

We have multiple absorbent bathrobe options. Our Classic Terry Cloth Robe is made to remove moisture from your skin as you relax and unwind. The cotton and polyester interior is soft and permeable—perfect for a post-soak face mask or glass of wine. The Classic Terry Cloth Robe won’t shed or pill and will provide years of bliss. 

The Essential Terry Cloth Spa Robe is another option for those looking for a highly absorbent bathrobe. Available in white or stone, this robe is sleek and comfortable for all genders. It has a medium weight and can be enjoyed year-round. The doeskin microfiber shell will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer anything. 

Our Resort Waffle & Terry is the third highly absorbent bathrobe we offer. This robe contains a 100% cotton diamond waffle exterior, cloaking you in a heavy-weight cloud of fluff that will keep you cozy all year long. Easy-roll sleeves and satin piping make this absorbent bathrobe a hit.

Medium Absorbent Bathrobe

Maybe you wish for a touch of absorbency, but still want to maintain the hydration on your skin while practicing self-care. Our medium absorbency robes are a perfect fit. 

The Soft & Elegant Waffle Spa Robe is a medium absorbent robe. Lightweight and durable, this robe will keep you cozy while you go about your day. Perfect for warmer weather, this robe comes in both white and sand. Use it as much as you like—it’s long-lasting and stands up to repeated washes. 

Similarly, the Cotton Modal Waffle Spa Robe is a medium-absorbent bathrobe with a lighter feel. It is slightly stretchy to provide a great fit with a bit of give. This drapey, absorbent bathrobe is well suited for men and taller folks, offering longer sleeves and length. 

Bring the spa home.