Signature Luxury Candles - Set of 2

Brand: Luxury Spa Robes

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Custom scented candles themed to evoke the feel of fine fabrics and luxurious experiences.

  • Luxurious candles made with essential oils & fine fragrances. Choose between 4 different fragrances (detailed below) : Linen, Silk, Velvet & Bamboo

  • Warm & sophisticated aromas (not too strong)

  • Elegant white glass tumbler / 11oz /  3.5 inch tall by 3.25 inches wide

  • Made with natural white soy wax, no dyes

  • 90 hour burn time

  • Cotton core self trimming wick

  • Made in the USA

Tip: First time, burn for at least 2 hours so the wax liquefies to the edge of the candle. This will ensure all the wax is burned, and maximum burn time.

Linen - Lavender

Our Linen candle is infused with lavender essential oils for a fresh and nurturing aroma. Combined with the sweet smelling wax, this candle feels like waking up in soft linen sheets with a fresh breeze of lavender and honey outside your window.

Silk - Santal

Our Silk candle is infused with the aroma of Santal 33, including notes of cardamom, iris, violet, cedarwood and sandalwood, for a subtle floral and woody aroma. This candle feels comforting, soft and elegant aroma for both men and women.

Bamboo - Coconut & Lime Verbena

Our Bamboo candle is infused with coconut and lime verbena for a tropical, sweet and refreshing aroma. This candle feels like a sweet, delicious and restorative day at the beach.

Velvet - Moss & Citrus

Our Velvet candle is infused with fresh citrus and deep earthy & musky tones, for a luxurious and invigorating aroma. Like a night out in Las Vegas, this candle feels can both wake you up and lay you down to sleep.